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Content Management

Information is oxygen for a business to stay on top of the game.  In the current business environment, information and collaboration are key factors for keeping pace with fast changes.

Content Management is the process of administering the lifecycle of digital information and it's inherently a collaborative process.

Semantix can help you design the right processes and/or choose the appropriate tools to support your need for content management.  Semantix is vendor independent and does not develop a content management tool of its own.  Consequently, it’s guaranteed you will get an independent solution.

What exactly can Semantix offer you?

After assessing your needs, Semantix

  • Designs the lifecycle for your information
  • Designs the most effective collaborative ways
  • Offers effective solutions for versioning, backup, authoring and review cycles, and also for dissemination of information
  • Proposes the best tools
  • Implements the processes and/or the technological solution

For multilanguage websites, Semantix can actually manage your content for all languages. See also our Professional Translation Services.

Why Semantix?

  • Specialists in Information and Knowledge Management
  • Specialists in Business processes
  • Experience in multiskilled virtual and international teams
  • Proficient in Content Management tools
  • Expertize in process and workflow design

Expertize in handling information in different formats – see also our DTP and Multimedia Services.


Semantix at LREC 2008
Semantix attended the 6th edition of Language Resources and Evaluation Conference in Marrakech (Morocco).

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