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Technical Writing

Technical communications refers to contents that are specialized, targeting a specific audience, which are conveying messages that are technical by nature.

Technical domains can be science, high technology, IT, consumer electronics, machinery, and also business processes.

When do you need Technical Writers?

  • When you realize the need to create a bridge from Product Managers and developers to Users for your Product

Why Semantix?

  • Use of expert professionals, including linguists or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Understanding of the audience and the products
  • Making communications clear, concise and precise
  • Putting in place glossary of terms, using even visual aids where appropriate
  • Semantix eliminates the gap between Product Management and Developers on one hand and Users on the other hand

In what languages can Semantix create technical documentation?

US & UK English and Romanian
Of course, the documentation can be further translated into the many other languages your products need to be understood in.

Tell me more about technical writting

What exactly technical writers produce?

Manuals, online help, user guides, quick reference guides, job aids etc.

What is important when creating technical documentation?

  • Optimization – based on intended final format/media (i.e. web and/or print)
  • Version control and update processes
  • Archiving, backup and recovery processes
  • Delivery channels and formats

What is the process of writing technical materials?

There are few ways of approaching the development of technical materials.  The most common way is incorporating it in the overall Product lifecycle.  For instance, for a software product, the first draft of documentation can be created as soon as the technical requirements have been clarified and approved.  Technical documentation is regularly validated during User Acceptance Test and immediately after it is completed.  But, in some other projects, the first draft is done after the first iteration.
Nevertheless, the approach has to be assessed and decided upon in collaboration with Product Management


Semantix at LREC 2008
Semantix attended the 6th edition of Language Resources and Evaluation Conference in Marrakech (Morocco).

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