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The globalization process starts with reaching out to customers around the world.

Localization basically means the location of an object.  In translation, it defines the specifics of the translation process that is more part of the product adaptation process for a particular market., therefore is part of the marketing efforts for a product.

Why localize with Semantix?

  • Professional Translation Services
  • Multifunctional teams: Project Managers, translators, Subject Matter Experts, DTP professionals, engineers
  • Option for engineering services
    • localizing the executable and dynamic link libraries
    • resizing strings, dialog and alert boxes to fit the translated text
    • on-line help, build compiling and debugging
  • Options for testing services:
    • language testing
    • user acceptance testing
  • Project Management services that allow you to synchronize launching your product/service in more markets

When to look for localization services?

  • When taking a product to new markets
  • When having a multilanguage website
  • When developing software, manuals or online help available in more languages

We provide professional, reliable and personalized localization and internationalization services and we guarantee our work 100%.  We hand over the completed work only after it has undergone strict quality assurance control.



Semantix at LREC 2008
Semantix attended the 6th edition of Language Resources and Evaluation Conference in Marrakech (Morocco).

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