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Who is Semantix

Semantix is a Romanian privately owned company, founded in February, 2005.

In 9 years of business we have built an excellent team, of internal and external colleagues, and developed proven quality assurance processes.  This has allowed us to satisfy the demands of many top, multi-national companies in terms of quality, timeliness and management.  All of our employees and external collaborators have signed a strict confidentiality agreement.

Although the core services are translation and localization, we provide a package of related expert services with a professional team and with professional tools.

Our competitive prices, high quality, and experienced management combine to offer a service rated amongst the best in the industry.

Why Choose Semantix

We offer value solutions by:

  • Developing a close relationship with our clients and tailoring our service to best suit a specific project
  • Focusing strongly on both deadlines and quality
  • Considering contingencies that will enable us to be successful in all projects
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality

How Do Semantix Add Value

  • Skills - We nurture talent and experience. In a market that is fairly young, we are looking to become an attractive option for young promising translators, experienced translators and specialist subject translators.  Through this approach we gain a competitive advantage in the training of our staff.  We take pride in having a large number of specialisations and therefore being able to serve projects in many different subject areas.  As translation is always beyond words, we also engage with native translators for our translation services.
  • Managerial Expertise - Semantix has a professional management team with extensive experience in the localization business and management qualifications, including a MBA and multiple Harvard Diplomas.  Their experience includes managing
    • Projects
    • Resources
    • Process Design
    • Quality Assurance

    Our experienced project managers are entrusted to allocate the most specific resources to the most suitable projects and streamline complex projects to ensure high quality and timely outputs.
  • Quality Focus - We have in place processes for supporting our services, i.e. data backup and recovery, contingency plans, project management.  In this business the most important focus has to be on quality and therefore we have put in place a strict quality assurance process.
  • Continuous Growth – At Semantix we believe that standing still is the same as moving backwards and so we are committed to growing our business and resources in a way that gives us stronger capabilities in all areas for the future.  To this end, we recognize the need to invest to make Semantix a leader on the local and Central European market.  We carefully look to strengthen our goodwill, to enrich our network in the industry and our client portfolio, to keep up to date with industry trends and developments, facilitating personal and professional growth for our people.


Semantix at LREC 2008
Semantix attended the 6th edition of Language Resources and Evaluation Conference in Marrakech (Morocco).

Semantix - Profile & Services
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