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DTP and Multimedia

The globalization process starts with identifying the most efficient approach for the file format provided by the customer.  And sometimes the success of the entire marketing material depends on the images, animations and sounds.

Semantix provides a whole range of international, multilingual Desktop Publishing and Multimedia services needed to transform the original documents into the translated "ready-to-launch" format, either on print or online.

Why Semantix?

  • Great experience in handling different formats, from print manuals to rich multimedia presentations
  • Focusing on the major graphical tools and the customer’s DTP native environment, for efficiency in cutting costs and shortening delivery time
  • Flexibility, mobility and portability for all types of documents
  • Quality check for ensuring all details are correct and in place
  • Creative partnerships for crafting beautiful images and animations
  • Expertise in working with sound & video editing, recording, dubbing and subtitling
  • Project Management services that allow you to synchronize the launch of your material on multiple markets

What kind of materials need professional DTP services?

  • Graphics and screenshots
  • Manuals, on-line help, broschures, leaflets
  • Website and multimedia imagery and sound
  • Interactive Flash animations & presentations, games
  • Video editing, subtitling, dubbing
  • Other types of rich media content

Sometimes, ensuring the original design over multiple language versions is a linguistic and graphical challenge.  That’s why the synergy of translation, localization, desktop publishing and graphic/animation is a powerful advantage for our customers, and facilitates the smoothness of the global adoption for products.



Semantix at LREC 2008
Semantix attended the 6th edition of Language Resources and Evaluation Conference in Marrakech (Morocco).

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